Our Story

Amber Ahmed

Introducing the illustrious Amber Ahmed, a consummate makeup virtuoso with an astounding 25-year legacy in the beauty realm. Amber's odyssey commenced with the coveted title of Best Esthetician and evolved into a triumph of gold medals in distinguished competitions. A pinnacle moment in her career was clinching the top spot in the Hairstyling World Championship, outshining a colossal field of 4,000 global contenders—an unequivocal testament to her unparalleled skills and seasoned expertise. Bestowed upon her by the venerable Georgiy Kot Russian Academy, this prestigious accolade firmly establishes Amber Ahmed as an unrivaled beacon of excellence in the beauty universe.

Amber's connection with clientele transcends the confines of her chair, delivering bespoke consultations that guide individuals towards the realization of their distinctive beauty aspirations. Her eminence as a luminary in esthetics and beauty is underscored by a plethora of awards and accolades. Distinguished honors.


  • The Achievement Award from the South Asian Women Association of Canada (SAWAC)
  •  The Business Excellence Award by the Canada Pakistan Affiliated Chamber of Trade (CPACT)
  • The Best Salon & Esthetics Services Award by Canada Pakistan Affiliated Chamber of Trade (CPACT) spotlight the national and international acclaim garnered through unwavering commitment to perfection.

The extraordinary prowess of Amber knows no cultural bounds, as she possesses an innate ability to craft breathtaking looks for individuals spanning diverse backgrounds—Whether it's South Asian, Caucasian, Afghan, Middle Eastern, or numerous other ethnicities, Amber possesses an unparalleled ability to craft breathtaking appearances.

Beyond her makeup mastery, Amber has honed her expertise in hairstyling on a global scale. Her unyielding dedication to staying abreast of hairstyling trends positions her as a profoundly skilled professional. Entrusting your unique features to Amber ensures that they will be accentuated and enhanced, resulting in a look that impeccably complements your individual beauty, irrespective of your ethnic heritage.

As the esteemed proprietor of our establishment, Amber stands as a seasoned luminary in the realm of esthetics. A versatile artist, she seamlessly harmonizes the art of makeup, hairstyling, and salon ownership, embracing a holistic approach to magnifying her clients' innate beauty.

Guiding a dynamic team of ten adept artists, Amber orchestrates an environment where creativity flourishes, and client satisfaction reigns supreme. Her zeal for personalized makeup applications and a diverse spectrum of beauty services establishes the standard for the salon's triumph.

Beyond the realm of daily operations, Amber cultivates an inviting ambiance, underscoring her role as a dedicated salon owner. Remaining at the forefront of industry trends and techniques, she ensures that clients receive nothing less than extraordinary service. Through continuous learning and an unwavering commitment to sourcing high-quality products, Amber ensures that Amber Esthetics stands as a haven for cutting-edge beauty treatments. Her engagement with clients extends far beyond the chair, offering personalized consultations that guide individuals toward the realization of their unique beauty goals.