Erum Memon

Meet Erum Memon a seasoned esthetics professional with an impressive 20-year

Team Erum Memon

journey in the beauty industry. Specializing in a range of services including manicure, pedicure, shellac, threading, waxing, eyelash extensions, and facials, Erum brings a wealth of expertise and precision to every session.

Her dedication to the craft is matched only by her humility and infectious sense of humor, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for each client. Erum doesn't just perform services; she crafts experiences that leave a lasting impression. Passionate about her work, she genuinely loves what she does, and her enthusiasm is evident in the meticulous care she puts into each treatment.

Erum is not just an esthetician; she's a beauty artisan who has honed her skills over two decades, making her a trusted and sought-after professional in the industry. With an amazing personality that radiates positivity, she effortlessly connects with her clients, creating a space where they feel comfortable and cared for.

Her impressive clientele is a testament to the quality of service and the personalized touch she brings to every interaction. Whether it's transforming nails into works of art, sculpting flawless eyebrows, or enhancing natural beauty through facials and eyelash extensions. Erum approaches each task with precision, passion, and a touch of humor that leaves clients not just looking but feeling their absolute best.

Step into Amber Esthetics and experience the magic of Erum's touch – where expertise meets warmth, and beauty is more than skin deep.