Hiba Dhib

Team Makeup Artist
Meet Hiba Dhib, a multifaceted artist with 14 years of profound experience in makeup artistry, hairstyling, and interior architecture. Hiba's journey transcends conventional boundaries, blending her artistic prowess seamlessly across different realms.

As a makeup artist, Hiba brings a wealth of experience, transforming faces into stunning canvases with a keen eye for enhancing natural beauty. Her hairstyling expertise adds another layer to her creative repertoire, ensuring that each client walks away not just satisfied but feeling truly radiant.

Beyond the realms of beauty, Hiba's background as an interior architect reflects her innate sense of design and color. Her projects are a testament to her ability to create harmonious spaces that captivate the senses. Whether she's working on a client's makeup, hairstyling, or an interior project, Hiba's artistic vision shines through, creating aesthetically pleasing and visually striking results.

What sets Hiba apart is not just her professional expertise but also her beautiful personality. Inside and out, Hiba exudes warmth and positivity, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for her clients. Her dedication to providing amazing customer service is evident in every interaction, ensuring that each client's experience is as memorable as the transformation itself.

Step into the world of Hiba Dhib, where beauty meets design, and each client is treated to a holistic experience that goes beyond the surface. With Hiba, it's not just about makeup and hairstyling; it's about artistry, design, and the celebration of individual beauty.