Rabia Nayab

Meet Rabia Nayab, a seasoned esthetician with an impressive ten years of
Salon Team
expertise in delivering top-notch esthetic services. Specializing in an array of treatments, Rabia is a maestro in manicure and pedicure services, offering precision and care that go beyond routine maintenance. Her mastery extends to gel nail shellac applications, ensuring your nails reflect both style and durability.

With a deep understanding of skincare, Rabia offers rejuvenating facials that bring out your natural glow. Her champion-level skills in waxing and threading guarantee a smooth and meticulous hair removal experience, while her expertise in lash lift and tint treatments adds a touch of glamour to your gaze.

Rabia's proficiency also extends to electrolysis, showcasing her commitment to providing a comprehensive range of esthetic solutions. Her ten years of experience are not just a testament to her technical proficiency but also reflect her passion for enhancing the beauty and confidence of each client she serves.

Step into Rabia's world, where expertise meets personalized care, and where every treatment is an opportunity to bring out your best self. With Rabia Nayab, it's not just about the services; it's about the artistry and dedication she brings to every esthetic experience.